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The Archetype Drawing Register is a drawing management system for controlling the access to, revision of and issue of drawings and other files.

Features of the Archetype Drawing Register:

  • Links to CAD title blocks for synchronising the Register and drawing title blocks (any version of Autocad and Microstation v8)
  • Complete a title block and make an entry in the Register in a single operation
  • Import title block data to the Register or export data from the Register to update title blocks
  • Access drawings from the Register without browsing folders and sub folders
  • Check status of a drawing e.g. has it been issued at the current revision, is it being revised, who is revising it, has the revision been completed, does it need to be re-issued, who was it issued to last time.
  • Automatically create pdf files of Autocad drawings
  • Access the current version of a drawing without accidental editing of previous versions
  • Lock drawing when issued to prevent editing without incrementing the Revision
  • Automatically increment the Revision in the title block when revising a drawing
  • Rapidly produce drawing issue/transmittal sheets
  • Links to Archetype project distribution list for issues
  • Automatically keep copies of previous revisions and copies of issued drawing without need for opening, binding, renaming and saving to other folders
  • Easily access previous revisions and previously issued sets of drawings
  • Automatically record revision and issue histories of drawings
  • Automatically produce an Xref or Model register showing which files are used as models and which drawing rely on them
  • Automatically flag which drawing may need to be revised and re-issued after editing a model file
  • Users can access, edit, revise, issue and e-mail drawings and previous revisions without needing to know file and folder names and browsing for them.
  • Print up to date drawing registers which can be sorted and filtered to display any combination of drawings e.g. all the Door details, full register excluding superseded drawings, recently issued drawings, etc.
  • Integrated with Archetype task list, distribution lists, mail book.
  • Issue documents from other Archetype document registers including pdf files, received documents.

  • A typical drawing register is shown below.

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    Issue Register:

    The issue register shows all the drawing issues for the project with the most recent at the top. To open any previous issue and view the issue sheet, double click on any of the issues. To create a new issue sheet, press the New issue button and an issue sheet opens as shown below.

    Any drawing in the drawing register, document in the document register or document in the incoming document register can be issued. Archetype automatically keeps a back up copy (in ZIP form) of documents that are being issued.

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    The report below shows an issue record.The bottom of the report shows a list of who the drawings were issued to and how many copies.

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